The Mercury News is making plans to relocate its copy desk, consolidating it with other MediaNews papers in the Bay Area, according to this story on the newspaper’s job cuts that ran in Metro, the San Jose-based alt-weekly.

“The news of more cuts has hit the San Jose Mercury News hard,” Metro writer Erin Sherbert says in a piece headlined “Panic Room.” “The mood is pretty gloomy among staffers at the paper, which has lost stability with major turnover in editorial leadership and in its executive ranks over the last year.”

Sherbert notes that the number of local news stories has dropped in the Merc. “The irony is that the few subscribers left will drop as the product declines,” said Bill Briggs, director of the school of journalism and mass communications at San Jose State University. “No one has the solution yet, but I wouldn’t look to MediaNews to lead the way.” (Photo credit: AP)

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  1. Do these workers have a choice? Or are they getting layed off? By the way, who is accepting the buyouts? Feb. 29 is the cut off day to make a decision for all those poor souls who work for Media News

  2. this arrangement has been a disaster for the ANG newspapers … huge mistakes every day … names wrong, streets wrong, cutlines on the wrong pics … why expand something that doesn’t work?

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