Joseph Farah, founder of the conservative Web site and former editor of the Sacramento Union newspaper, says that based on his experiences as a reporter, he’s surprised authorities didn’t remove the children from the home of now former KGO-AM host Bernie Ward when he was accused of transmitting child pornography. Farah writes:

    As a newsman, I can tell you it is the rule, not the exception, for children to be removed from the household in these circumstances. Interviews with the children are not even considered by law enforcement to be valid if they are not protected from possible victimizers.

    I’ve seen a lot of ugliness and sin and depravity in my job as a journalist over the last three decades. Nevertheless, I am shocked about the way this Bernie Ward investigation has proceeded. Yes, even in San Fransicko, this is surprising to me.

    One of these days, we’ll probably learn that Bernie Ward got off with a slap on the wrist. And, knowing his predilection for dominatrixes, he will probably enjoy it.

After a police report surfaced that detailed Ward’s online conversations, the site for his defense fund disappeared.

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