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Oakland Tribune editor responds to blogger

As newspapers cut back on local coverage, bloggers are attempting to fill the void. An example is www.abetteroakland.com which is written by Echa Schneider, who writes on the site under the screen name VSmoothe. The Chron’s Chip Johnson discusses her blog and others covering Oakland politics in his column today. Schneider is critical of news coverage her town receives from the Oakland Tribune. She recently asked, “Why is Oakland’s political coverage so piss-poor? I mean, the Trib has basically one and a half writers covering government here, and the Chronicle has one plus a twice a week columnist.” She got a response from Tribune Managing Editor Martin Reynolds, who said:

Reynolds says of Schneider’s blog:

Johnson points out in his column today that since Schneider began, a dozen sites have been erected and gone dormant, including a site titled Common Sense. Still others, like dogtowncommons.com update irregularly. A new blog entry, www.eastbayconservative.com, started last month.

How many people are reading this stuff? On Schneider’s biggest day, she drew about 600 hits with a blog on an AC Transit story. And traffic on the site has doubled since December, jumping 30 percent the day after Dellums’ speech in early January, she told Johnson.

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