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Tracy Press goes from 3 to 2 days a week

The locally owned Tracy Press is reducing its printing schedule from three to two editions a week and is laying off an undisclosed number of employees. The layoffs included longtime associate editor Jack Eddy, according to this story by the Bay Area News Group’s Paul Burgarino.

“The Press has been in business for almost 110 years, as a weekly and as a daily, and our family doesn’t plan to go away anytime soon. But to keep going, we have to make cuts at the same time that we strive for solutions,” Publisher Bob Matthews wrote in a note to readers.

The cuts come as the two other dailies that circulate widely in Tracy, the San Joaquin Herald and Stockton Record, also announced cost-cutting measures.

The 110-year-old, family-owned paper evolved over the years from a weekly to a twice a week paper, and then, in 1986, to a five-day daily. In 1995, it added a Saturday edition. In February 2006, the Tracy Press dropped its Monday edition and returned to a five-day publishing schedule (Tuesday-Saturday). Then last August it cut back to a three-day schedule.

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