The expansion of the San Francisco Examiner into 70 other cities stopped in city No. 3 (Baltimore) back in 2006. It seems billionaire owner Phil Anschutz has put the brakes on the expansion of the Examiner brand.

But last week, the Examiner’s parent company, Clarity Media Group of Denver, announced it had hired former AOL executive Michael Sherrod to run its Internet operations. David Schafer, who had been CEO of, was pushed aside to the job of Chief Operating Officer of Clarity Digital Group in order to make way for Schafer.

Now LA Observed notes that has posted an ad at for “city editors” in 59 cities to post stories to local sites:

    City Editors will build by recruiting and managing a team of local content contributors. Candidates should have an established local network within the community and be able to demonstrate their strong local ties.

Looks like Anschutz, who orginally had set his sights on being a print barron, has switched to the Internet.

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