Laura Ingle of KFI Los Angeles and Fox News tells this story on her blog about how her good friend, KGO-AM morning co-host Jennifer Jones, found the love her live unexpectedly by signing up for a military pen pal outside a Walnut Creek shopping mall. Ingle, who worked with Jones at KFBK in Sacramento 10 years ago, explains how Jones, originally from Redding, got together with Army Cpt. Scott Lee from Stone Mountain, Ga. After Jones and Lee had exchanged numerous e-mails from Iraq, they first laid eyes on each other in San Francisco.

    They sat and talked for hours, starting to form a powerful bond. As they left the Pier, he took off a leather necklace given to him by a friend for good luck in Iraq, and threw it into the ocean, as a symbolic gesture that his time in Iraq was over. Or so he thought.

We don’t want to steal Ingle’s thunder. Here’s her blog. But here’s how Ingle ends her piece.

    If this story inspires you to reach out and write a soldier fighting for our country, just to say hello or maybe send a care package, (they LOVE getting them) check out this website. I’ve talked to the man who operates this, and it is a very successful program

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