Lisa Chung, metro feature writer, ex-columnist
    Steve Chae, library
    Katherine Conrad, commercial real estate reporter
    Barbara Egbert, copy editor
    Barb Feder, medical writer
    Dennis Georgatos, 49ers beat writer
    Elizabeth Goodspeed, features designer
    Joanne HoYoung Lee, photographer
    Carolyn Jung, food columnist
    Dave Kiefer, sports writer
    Thu Ly, photographer
    Mike Martinez, travel writer
    Erik Olvera, metro reporter
    Connie Skipitares, metro reporter
    Barry Witt, metro reporter


    Alvie Lindsay, state bureau chief
    Matt Mansfield, deputy managing editor
    Pam Moreland , features editor
    Rebecca Salner, assistant managing editor of business
    Steve Wright, head of editorial pages

Voluntary departures

    Sue Hutchison, features columnist
    Julie Kaufmann, food editor
    Levi Sumagaysay, assistant business editor

The list is from George Sampson of KLIV-AM 1590 who notes, “Terrible, just terrible. Some good people are on this list!”

SF Press Club News


  1. We the willing, led by the unknowing,
    Are doing the impossible, for the ungrateful.
    We have done so much for so long with so little,
    We are now expected to do everything,
    with nothing.

  2. let’s not forget the layoffs at smaller Bay Area News Group papers that of late have provided the Merc’s Metro sections with a lot of content/photos. Means more work for those left (and less thorough reporting). And don’t forget production layoffs either.

  3. when management cuts the newsroom it comes right back to bite them in the ass … less news means fewer readers, fewer readers mean less advertising, and the cycle continues … to stop the cycle, singleton should invest in the newsroom, not cut it

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