[UPDATED at 9 a.m., March 13] Here’s a start on the list of names of employees who are leaving the Contra Costa Times, ANG and related newspapers after receiving buyout offers:

Andy Altman-Ohr, assistant sports editor, Pleasanton
Lea Blevins, reporter, Tri-Valley Herald
Keith Bennetts, East County editor
Bari Brenner, copy editor/travel editor
Dan Buchholz, Hayward city editor)
Herman Bustamante, photo
Julie Cadigan, Danville/Pleasanton editor
Momo Chang, reporter, Oakland Tribune
Rachel Cohen, reporter, Hayward
Linda Davis, reporter, Alameda, Hills Newspapers
Chris De Benedetti, reporter, Fremont
Janice De Jesus, reporter, metro
Rob Dennis, Argus city editor
Mary DiMeglio, copy editor
Donna DiPaolo, copy editor
Steve Ellison, sports copy editor
Francisco Fernandez, copy editor
Michele Fry, opinion
Trine Gallegos, copy editor
Dogen Hannah, reporter
Steve Herendeen, Oakland Tribune local sports editor
Rog Hernandez, graphics
Deb Hollinger, chief clerk, editorial
Ryan Huff, reporter, metro
Beverly Hunt, librarian
Jamaal Johnson, reporter, Fremont
Chad Jones, theater critic
Nader Khouri, photo
Bill Kruissink, Valley Times sports
Kate Lavin, copy editor
Ron Lewis, photo
Alan Lopez, reporter, Alameda, Hills Newspapers
Scott Marshall, reporter, CC Times
Mike Meenan, San Mateo city editor
Dennis Miller, Tri-Valley Herald local sports editor
Candice Murphy, features
Nargis Nooristani, reporter, metro
Brenda Payton, columnist/reporter, Oakland Tribune
Bob Pepping, photo
Laurie Phillips Huff, reporter
Mary Pols, film critic
Ben Reed, copy editor
Ron Riesterer, photo
Michele Roderick, copy editor
Ricardo Sanchez, West County sportsr
Joni Sare, graphics
John Sherriff, sports copy editor/paginator)
Jennifer Slafkosky, copy editor
Jay Solmonson, photo
Randy Striegel, weeklies news editor
Aaron Swarts, reporter, Tracy
Tue Nam Ton, photo
Alyssa Tong, copy editor
John Vieira, copy editor
Jon Walsh, sports copy editor

Bay Area News Group-East Bay said on March 6 that it will buy out 107 of its 1,100 workers, however it has declined to identify them or say how many are from the newsroom. If you have names to add to this list, e-mail us at sfpen-pressclub@sbcglobal.net. We appreciate those who have already sent us lists including the Guild. The Guild estimates that between 15 and 18 percent of the BANG-EB staff was eliminated in this round of buyouts.

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  1. Irony caught. But the logic is flawed. The claim here is that the newspaper reports “almost nothing” about itself. In this case, I recall plenty of coverage when Knight Ridder was sold to McClatchy, and again when 12 of those papers (including the local pubs) were sold off to MediaNews. And there is, of course, the Chauncey Bailey Project. And these papers frequently print stories about the various awards and accolades received, as well as major changes in management.

    I’m not attempting to sing the praises of our local papers. Quite honestly, when they run that kind of stuff, I think it’s a bit self-serving. It seems more like advertising than real journalism.

    And there’s another disturbing argument here: that it’s OK to publish these names because thousands of other people — in various other professions — likewise are having their jobs eliminated.

    But my question is: Well, then where are their names? Not in newsprint, that’s for sure. And probably not even on the Web.

  2. it’s funny, but newspapers are in the information business … they’re always prodding government and business to disclose information … yet when it comes to a newspaper reporting on itself, it releases almost nothing and blogs like this have to connect the dots. … anybody here catch the irony of this!

  3. Actually, most of the employees don’t know everybody who is gone now. So it’s nice to have a list to see who it is and what depts. have been impacted. Also, there are a lot of CCT/ANG ‘alumni’ who are asking about it. So it’s nice to send them a llist or to this site.

  4. Applying names and faces to statistics is a hallowed journalism tradition. Seeing a list of 107 “bought-out” BANG folks really brings home what is happening in the newspaper industry. Yet it pales in comparison to the thousands who have lost their jobs in the auto and high-tech sectors in recent years. And the thousands now losing their livelihoods in financial services companies.

  5. to “Wow” — lists of laid off staffers have been posted for years on Romenesko. And I’ve seen them here for the Chronicle and Merc. Where have you been?

  6. Wow. i hope all these people wanted the world to know the details of their personal career decisions. or did you just assume that these private individuals wanted the public to know?

  7. Rob Dennis, Argus city editor

    Steve Herendeen, Oakland Tribune local sports editor

    Dennis Miller, Tri-Valley Herald local sports editor

    Chad Jones, theater critic

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