In a story about developers seeking property tax reductions for buildings that have lost value during the real estate slump, the Chronicle reported that its owner, Hearst Corp., wants a tax break from the city and county of San Francisco on several of its properties. “That includes a claimed $25.7 million (63 percent) reduction in the value of The Chronicle headquarters at 901 Mission St. [pictured], which the company has acknowledged it is considering redeveloping,” said the story by staff writer James Temple. No more specifics were given. Hopefully no horse trading will take place. (Photo credit: Deanne Fitzmaurice, Chronicle, file)

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  1. R. Holmgren? As in the public information officer for the Oakland Police Department? If it’s you, I’ve left several messages there looking for info about an ’06 homicide case. Haven’t heard a word. How ’bout a call?

    G.W. Schulz

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