Lloyd LaCuesta, Robert Handa, Alan Wang, Kristen Sze and Janelle Wang are profiled in the latest edition of Asian Week in a feature about Asian Americans on local TV. The story by Gerrye Wong notes that Kristen Sze and Janelle Wang, both of KGO ABC7, grew up as childhood friends in the South Bay and in Taiwan. Sze started her career writing for Aragon High’s newspaper in San Mateo. The story provides a bio of each of the journalists mentioned. ABC7’s Alan Wang says, “I think the majority of Asian parents try to direct their sons into professions they believe have higher earning potential … In my first job, I was making $13,000 a year in Texas, and my father was chewing his nails off while trying to be supportive.”

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  1. It is Wonderful to see more Asians on the news for many years it was all about Caucasians and Blacks the rest of us were lost as far as News Programs went…..especially Asian Men in Top Spots…now will look forward to seeing Japanese Men…Indian Men and Women and Vietnamese…Finally they know we all watch the News.

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