This is how Sacramento News & Review cartoonist Robert Armstrong sees the journalist of the future. The story by R.V. Scheide associated with the drawing questions how journalism can survive. Newspapers made money when they were printed because the ads were seen by readers; online ads don’t work as well, and aren’t bringing in the revenues printed ads did. Scheide says: “How the hell am I going to get paid?” Bill Gates, who lent money to Dean Singleton’s MediaNews Group to buy the Mercury News (which had been one of his biggest critics), didn’t have a clue as to how journalism would survive, according to a CNET story Scheide cited. Also wondering is talk-radio host Christine Craft, who has been heard more frequently on KGO-AM 810 after the 10 p.m.-to-1 a.m. shift of the indicted Bernie Ward became available. Scheide, still wondering how he will be paid, finishes his piece by saying:

    [T]here’s no way I could have written this column without BMW motorcycles. It goes without saying that Race to the Bottom would be impossible without Macintosh computers. R.V. Scheide uses only Olympus digital voice recorders bought on sale at to interview his subjects, and you should, too.
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