A follow-up to our item Thursday on the death of former radio host Darian O’Toole at age 40: The Chron ran an obit this morning that said she died from complications suffered from a broken leg. The obit quotes her agent, Paul Anderson, as saying she was close to getting a TV job. But it also says she had looked into a private investigator job. Former KSAN GM Dwight Walker is quoted as saying:

    “She was a pioneer for female broadcasters to speak their mind and not hide anything about their lives. … She was not a shock jock — just someone who spoke the truth.”

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  1. I have a close family member that DIED from complications from a broken leg. She was very healthy. Her death was equally sad and bizarre.

  2. Apparently two parts of the leg are critical for body function and messaging (cells, etc). It’s in discussion on the radio-info board. Blood clots can occur, leading to the brain or lungs.

    Hearing Darian on her final show, even with the wooziness and lack of basic professionalism, she still had obvious talent, a quick wit and a gorgeous voice. I didn’t get to listen to her K-Big shows… would enjoy hearing airchecks from her best years. Even at her worst, she was clearly very talented. Many condolences to her family at this time.

  3. I’m very sorry about her passing, she was so young. But to state the obvious, how does a broken leg lead to respiratory failure? If you are 90, maybe. At first I thought it was a misprint. I feel bad for her family too.

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