Young Broadcasting could be two weeks away from selling KRON 4. That’s the word from Channel 4 sportscaster Gary Radnich (pictured), who briefly mentioned the sale on his KNBR show this morning (MP3) while horsing around with fellow sports-talker Tony Bruno.

    Radnich: KRON could be two weeks away from a sale. We’re very excited.

    Bruno: Is that good or bad?

    Radnich: It’s good, very good. Let’s put it this way. Good for me, bad if you are VJ [a video journalist who both shoots video and does on-air reporting].

    Bruno: Most sales are bad for employees, but that’s just me, my experience.

    Radnich: I know but trust me.

Radnich didn’t say who might be buying the station. No announcement yet from owner Young Broadcasting. Young put KRON up for sale in January and said it hoped to have a deal by March 31. That deadline passed without any word about whether anyone was interested in the station. While the station has been on the market, Young cut Channel 4’s staffing by 11 percent.

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  1. I heard Gary’s comments, makes you wonder if it’s FOX or NBC buying them. Sounds like they’d pour some money into the news division and upgrade the staff. Although, Gary and Heather at 5:40pm is about the best few minutes in local news now, I hope they won’t change that!

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