Mercury News designer Martin Gee has posted a photo documentary at showing the effects of layoffs and downsizing. Gee writes:

    the last round of layoffs and buyouts really hurt me. i mean, each one does but this one especially. this place feels like a morgue. an abusive relationship. remnants everywhere. empty cubicles. empty chairs. abandoned office equipment. goodbye emails. besides looking for a new job and building a massive assemblage, this is a way for me to deal.

    there will be more photos…

At left is the door to Rich Ramirez’s office. Ramirez, 44, committed suicide June 20, 2007 during a previous round of layoffs.

SF Press Club News


  1. Why would David Satterfield and the other brass at the Merc allow something this creepy to leave their building? This contrived photo essay isn’t newsworthy. It doesn’t shed light on the issues behind the difficulties some newspapers face today. It doesn’t help the reader understand anything. It’s just a depressed wanna-be artist inflicting his Felliniesque view of his employer upon the viewer. The photographer thinks he works for a dying business and, to support his view, went around and found some picture. Despite what he thinks, some of his colleagues believe the news business has a bright future and that there will always be a demand for quality journalism. Maybe certain companies have done a poor job operating newspapers, but there are plenty of profitable newspapers doing solid journalism as well as successful online news operations. Too bad so many people at the Merc have a jaded view of their own profession.

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