CNET blogger Robert Vamosi reports that he was able to hear Al Gore’s speech to the RSA Internet Security conference Friday in San Francisco despite the former vice president’s ban on the press. On the right is a sign from the conference. Vamosi got to hear the speech because he was also a speaker at the conference and got a badge designating him as such. Therefore he didn’t need to have a press pass to get around. Vamosi wonders why Gore demanded such a restriction because his speech was similar to one he had given at a previous conference. “[S]ince nothing new was added here, why all the secrecy? Or was it all a media stunt?” Vamosi asked. (Credit: Robert Vamosi, CNET Networks)

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  1. Yeah, climate change is BS science, more political than anything else. He doesn’t want to be exposed for not knowing what he’s talking about beyond the script he delivers.

  2. It is also obvious that Gore doesn’t want to take questions about his beliefs or be put in a situation where he would have to defend what he says.

  3. Al Gore has done this repeatedly in the past few years, appearing at universities and conferences and other events (like the ‘State of Silicon Valley’ in San Jose two years ago) and banning all press coverage, even when there are audiences of more than 1,000 people in public places.

    I encourage reporters to go to the events anyway and cover them, particularly when anyone from the public can buy a ticket. ‘Off the record’ is only ‘off the record’ if both parties agree.

    Reporters from around the country have been taking this approach with Gore. And it works. Funny thing is, his remarks are almost never controversial, and usually consist of a general call to arms about climate change.

    Why does he do it? His spokespeople have said he isn’t running for anything and doesn’t want to have to watch every single word he says. Nevertheless he is a Nobel-prize winner who was a sitting vice president. What he says is newsworthy.

    Paul Rogers
    San Jose Mercury News
    Resources and Environment Writer

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