Radio columnist Brad Kava says the candidates vying to replace disgraced liberal talk show host Bernie Ward at top-rated KGO 810 include: Brian Copeland, Christine Craft, David Lazarus and Charles “Karel” Bouley. Kava, in a piece for the SF Weekly, says:

    Rumors are circulating that operations manager Jack Swanson, who gave the world the colorful blight of Michael Savage, favors Karel’s outlandishness. Executive programmer Trish Robbins allegedly favors Craft, while station manager Mickey Luckoff supposedly likes Lazarus.

Swanson tells Kava that there might also be a benefit to not naming a host and letting all the candidates work the shift, which will bring added diversity and make them work harder to compete.

SF Press Club News,


  1. Christine Craft is far and away the best radio talent around. KGO is in dire need of an entertainer as savvy and engaging as Christine.

  2. If KGO don’t bring Bernie back, I will turn KGO off at 10:00 p.m. instead of 1:a.m. I will only listen if they hire Christine Craft

  3. John Rothmann should also be on the list. He probably the station’s most knowledgeable host on international issues.

  4. Brian Copeland would be the perfect candidate to take this slot! He is intelligent, funny, controversial without being offensive, and can speak with honesty & integrity unlike Karel. Unlike Craft, he is not continously spouting off on one cause. His perspective is fresh!

  5. It’s time for the ‘good old boy’ network to do the right thing! KGO management seems to think that women are not up to the job. I cannot understand why KGO simply refuses to hire women as talk radio personalities. Nationally there are many women who do an excellent job as “talk-jocks”. I vote for a nationwide search and bring us a fresh face and a fresh perspective.

  6. How lame. no backbone KGO . i am sick of KGO they are not behind Bernie like they should be. the mans not been convicted of a damn thing.He is still the best host they have. and if KGO does not hire him back after this is over, they will lose many people who loved to listen to KGO.its a shame that an innocent man is let go from a job because of an alleged crime. makes me sick. and for all the employees that are not behind Bernie saying those things about him, need to make sure that what they have on their computer is clean, because you will be next if its not. We are here behind you Bernie, god bless and return as quick as possible. we know you are trying.
    Until that time, i could not bring myself to listen to a station that has no juevos.
    thank you

  7. Mickey Luckoff and Jack Swanson wish they could get another Michael Savage. Multi-million dollar franchises like that don’t happen all that often–Charles Bouley sure ain’t it.

  8. It is long overdue that KGO has a permanent female host.
    Christine Craft fills that bill admirably. She is intelligent, witty and can hold her own.
    We don’t need a gay person who makes statements from medical to legal that are completely untrue.
    As to the others place them elsewhere.
    Christine Craft has paid her dues.

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