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April 2008 Press Club board minutes

April 9, 2008 — Meeting was called to order at 7:42 p.m. by President Jamie Casini.

Board members present: Micki Carter, Jamie Casini, Ed Remitz and Jay Thorwaldson. Executive Director Darryl Compton was also in attendance. Absent: Jennifer Aquino, Peter Cleaveland, Jon Mays, Aimee Strain, Dave Price and Jack Russell.

Since a quorum was not achieved, the meeting was informational.

Treasurer’s report: Filed by Compton.

New business
New Press Club logo: Mays has had several designs created for a new logo, which was necessary due to the addition of the words “San Francisco” to the club’s name. One design favored by Casini was not present but will be shared later by e-mail with the board.

Scholarships: Carter confirmed that the Hillsdale Shopping Center will again contribute $500 to the high school awards reception on Wednesday, April 30, at College of Notre Dame in Belmont.

Remitz agreed to coordinate the scholarship program. Members Aquino and Cleaveland will be asked to join.

High school advisers forum and boot camp: Members agreed they should be combined. Remitz is researching whether the event can be hosted Sept. 19 or 26 at College of San Mateo.

Bench Bar Media: Thorwaldson volunteered to coordinate the events.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.
Minutes submitted by Treasurer Ed Remitz

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