Somebody is leaving these orange cards on copies of the Examiner that have been dropped on doorsteps in San Francisco. Photo journalist Steve Rhodes uploaded these pictures to Flickr, and posted them. (Click on the photos to see a larger view.) As we reported March 19, San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi has introduced legislation that would impose fines on newspapers that continue to deliver after a resident has asked that the paper stop. The cards say:

    Dear Board of Supervisors,

    Unwanted SF Examiner newspapers are a nuisance. The papers and plastic bags are a huge litter problem and bad for the environment. The circulation department routinely ignores requests to cease delivery. I support any legislation that reduces the amount of unwanted papers and plastic bags littering our streets.

    Please do what you can to reduce or end this practice all together.


    Name: ______________

    Address: _________________

Rhodes writes that he is amazed someone took the time to put postcards on Examiners left on the sidewalk. He said he has no indication who is responsible. He adds, “The Ex does have useful listings and some decent (though short) local coverage (though the editorial page is completely out of touch with the city).”

SF Press Club News,

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