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Majority signs union cards at CC Times

A “strong majority” of newsroom workers at the Contra Costa Times and other papers that are part of Dean Singleton’s Bay Area News Group-East Bay have signed cards indicating they want to be represented by the Guild, according to union organizers.

Organizers didn’t give an exact number of those signing cards in the 250-person bargaining unit.

“We are well above the 50 percent plus one vote needed to win a secret-ballot election. We waited to file until our margin got big enough that we knew we would win,” organizer Sara Steffens said in an e-mail to the Press Club.

“The former Contra Costa Newspapers have always been non-union, so this is a really big step for everyone here,” said Steffens, a CC Times reporter.

Management has said that it will not recognize the union based on a counting of cards, so an election with secret ballots will take place this summer, the statement said. Here’s the complete statement issued today by Steffens and fellow reporter Karl Fischer, who are leading the unionization effort:

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