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Suspense builds over possible KRON sale

After months of silence about Young Broadcasting’s attempt to sell KRON-TV, it was a shocker yesterday to see this on fishbowlLA.com:

That appears to be the latest version of the rumors that began when KRON sports anchor Gary Radnich said on his KNBR radio show April 7 that the sale of the station could be two weeks away. “We’re very excited,” he said.

On April 11, Radnich revisited the subject of KRON’s sale, saying his bosses weren’t pleased with his comments. He suggested Internet bloggers took something he didn’t say and blew it out of proportion. Unfortunately for him, his comments on April 7 were memorialized on an MP3.

Later on the morning of April 11, Mike Sugerman of KCBS called in to Radnich’s show, at which point Radnich reiterated his point that he hadn’t said anything about a sale, but had merely repeated what Sugerman had said to him earlier. A few days earlier, while Radnich was doing a remote from AT&T Park, Sugerman approached him and asked if he spoke Spanish. When Radnich asked why, Sugerman said “because KRON is being sold to Telemundo.”

On the Internet, speculation abounded about the fate of KRON. As suspicions grew that KRON 4 would become Telemundo 4, radio station engineer John Higdon wrote on ba.broadcast:

KRON’s owner, Young Broadcasting, hasn’t said anything publicly about a KRON buyer. However, chairman and CEO Vince Young is scheduled to discuss the company’s first-quarter earnings in a conference call on Tuesday at noon Pacific time. At that time, financial analysts and journalists will have the chance to question him. (Photo credit: FX Group)

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