Here’s a link to a new Web site,, that provides live feeds from 100 news stations across the country.

Susan Young of the Oakland Tribune says former KTVU news director Andrew Finlayson, who now works for the Fox station in Chicago, helped come up with the idea of sharing the feeds on a Web site.

“Some of us in our newsroom thought that we could open up the system. We thought it would be interesting to do an experiment in journalism where we let people see what we see — all the raw live feeds from around the world,” Finlayson told Young. “We tried it out and decided to test it in a big way on Super Tuesday. We streamed all sorts of events with candidates and their supporters, and we had such a great reaction to it that we just kept it going.”

Finlayson convinced Chicago’s ABC, CBS, NBC and independent stations to join his newsroom in putting their feeds on the site. “Stations from different networks agreed to be part of it, even our competitors, because if we don’t, someone else will,” Finlayson says. “And it will probably be Google.”

Currently no Bay Area stations are providing feeds, but KRON 4 is expected to be the first, according to Young.

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  1. Just one correction. We have partnered with ABC, CBS and NBC stations around the country but have not yet received the permission of the Chicago network owned and operated stations to join in this project.

    Thanks for the mention.

    Andrew Finlayson

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