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Ward admits child porn charge, faces prison

Former KGO-AM talk show host Bernie Ward agreed today to plead guilty to one consolidated count of distributing child pornography and will get five to 20 years in prison. 

Ward, an outspoken liberal, has claimed he was doing research for a book when he exchanged nude photos of children involved in sex acts with a woman he met online who turned him into police.

His attorney, Doron Weinberg, said that Ward made an error in judgment, believing that it would be OK to exchange such photos if it were part of his research.

As part of the deal revealed today, three felony counts of receiving and transmitting child pornography will be consolidated into one count. U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker agreed with a defense request to delay the entry of the plea and sentencing until Aug. 28 to allow Ward to remain free on bail so that he could attend his son’s high school graduation and deal with health problems including diabetes and sleep apnea.

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