The Examiner announced today that it will only deliver papers to homes and businesses two days a week — Thursdays and Sundays — starting July 13.

The free tabloid, owned by Denver billionaire oilman Phil Anschutz, says it is increasing the number of papers available at newspaper racks and vendors while ending six-day-a-week home delivery. It also is moving its weekend Saturday edition to Sunday.

The Examiner also says it will beef up its Web site and turn into an aggregator of news.

The Examiner’s sister papers in Baltimore and Washington, D.C., are making similiar cuts, the AP reports.

The move follows complaints by residents in all three markets that they have been unable to stop delivery of the Examiner despite repeated calls to the paper. That has prompted legislation in Maryland and San Francisco. The Maryland bill was withdrawn after the Examiner promised to do a better job responding to calls to stop the paper. In San Francisco, an ordinance to fine publishers who deliver after a stop request is being drafted by Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi. Fines would range from $100 to $500 per violation.

According to AP, Examiner CEO Ryan McKibben said the moves are in response to advertiser and reader wishes while allowing the company to “protect the core of what we do and that is gathering news and information.”

“It’s no secret that this is a very difficult period for our industry. But it’s actually an exciting time when one has the necessary talent and is sufficiently nimble and innovative to effectively meet the demands of rapidly changing markets,” McKibben said in a statement.

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  1. what do you want to bet that the examiner is for sale? if billionaire anschutz was interested in keeping it, he would continue full steam ahead … what’s a few million in losses here or there? they’re probably making cuts in order to get the Examiner to look more attractive to a buyer …

  2. scott’s missing the point about delivery … the examiner doesn’t stop no matter how many times you call … that’s why there’s now legislation to fine the newspaper for continuing to deliver AFTER a resident has called to stop the paper … if the examiner honored requests to stop the paper, it wouldn’t have gotten this far … and it’s not only a problem for the examiner here, but it’s apparently an issue in the other cities where this right-wing nut case owns papers … baltimore and washington d.c.

  3. The morale of the employee, in my opinion, relies more on their own contributions and whether they believe they are doing good work.

    That said, the Examiner is no different that the more than half dozen newspaper publishing companies I’ve worked for.

    Employees who truly enjoy the work that they do, strive to do right by their customers, and take pride in the end product tend to be happier and more successful) than those who seemingly don’t enjoy having to perform work to receive a paycheck, spend their time watching the clock and don’t think about their client’s needs and how best to serve them and frankly do not spend enough time reading the end-product.

    As for those recipients of the newspaper who wish not to receive it there is a simple (and yes effective) solution. Simply call the Examiner and ask them to cease delivery. I know it works as my housemate ceased delivery and the newspaper stopped arriving on our doorstep the same week.

    It’s very likely that those with the low morale and lack of pride in what they do are similar to those lazy, passive-aggressive folks who would rather complain about the delivery of the newspaper to their home rather than take any proactive action to cease delivery.

  4. I don’t work at the Examiner, but I can’t imagine that it’s a lot of fun to have so many people complaining that they don’t want your product delivered to your door. At least this move will reduce the amount of litter around town by 2/3rds. You ought to see if you can produce a product that is so desirable that people will make the effort to pull a copy out of the box, rather than forcing it on people the way you do now.

  5. another aggregator of news? running low on people to write the news being aggregated.

  6. The person who wrote this doesn’t know what they are talking about.

    Anschutz is a good owner and the current management team really works well with all of us.

    Take it from me, I’d rather work here than somewhere else.

  7. I also work at The Examiner. The moral is good. Most of us are happy. It is a great paper to work for.

  8. Take it from me, and I work at the Examiner, morale is awful. Everybody is faxing out resumes and wondering when Anschutz will just shut it down. It’s really depressing!

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