“KGO’s Bernie Ward was creepy and a disgrace long before he got popped for kiddie porn. His KGO colleague, late-night liberal pontificator Ray Taliaferro, is almost as bad,” writes Bay Area Media Group columnist Bill Mann, who has problems with both left-wing and right-wing talkers: “Talk radio these days, in a word, is a cesspool. It’s an open sore on the flesh of democracy, one the servile, broadcaster-friendly FCC has let fester while worrying more about the likes of Janet Jackson.”

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  1. The mind control freaks working in MSM can’t stomach someone having alternate points of view. Rather than celebrating the freedoms of the first amendment they attempt to silence it. Without talk radio there would be no diversity.

  2. It’s all entertainment masquerading as screed–none of what you hear is to be believed. The more extreme, the better … because it translates into ratings, and hence what a station can charge for ads.

  3. Equating Bernie Ward with all of talk radio is just the sort of writing that has made Bill Mann the household word he is.

  4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The far left is equally as crazy as the far right! No big surprise that craziness is expressed in talk radio as well as around the water cooler. Fortunately we do have some reasonable middle of the road minds like Ronn Owens, Gil Gross and Gene Burns around (all on KGO) though. Wattenberg and Taliaferro and the Pedo Ward? Forget them…just turn the damn radio off at 10 pm! As for KGO’s right wing sister station KSFO…don;t get me started!

  5. He didn’t mention Michael Savage’s jokes about Ted Kennedy’s brain cancer. Cesspool is the right word.

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