“The East Bay Express proudly announces Wedding Wednesdays in celebration of the long over-due right for homosexual partners to legally marry in the state of California.”

The alt-weekly says it will hold free group weddings for 12 same-sex couples on June 25 and July 2 at the newspaper offices in Emeryville. East Bay Express Marketing Director Terry Furry will conduct the ceremony with support from the wedding planning company Don Gibble & Associates.

The couples will get a wedding ceremony, catered reception, honeymoon prize packages, professional photos, a published wedding announcement and a lot of publicity.

“This is a fun, unique marriage alternative to City Hall, and is our newspaper’s way of sharing in this historic celebration,” EBX said.

SF Press Club News

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  1. Regarding The Articles about Gay Wedding , This is Forbidden in any Faith .it is very Sinful act and Evil thing to do at present day People do not care about Faith and most people even do not in Belive in God Almighty,they are after fame and a big name ,The whole World is corrupted with Sin ful people ,these people do not know what will happend to them in the next World , it is every one responsibility including the Religious Leaders to condem any sinfulact and guide them to the right path , if they do not do their bit ,They are also in the wrong /they will be answerable to our Lord God Almighty ,Generally The Media is giving wrong signal for their interest ,

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