Reporter and anchor Barbara Rodgers, who has been with KPIX since 1979, announced her retirement today.

“I had been thinking about when I might hang up my reporter’s notebook and microphone,” Rodgers said in a statement released by the station. “So I decided that the right time is now, while I still have the enthusiasm to pursue some of my other interests.”

Her last day at Channel 5 is Friday. Here’s Chuck Barney’s story from the Contra Costa Times.

UPDATE, 10:35 a.m. Wednesday: We just received the press release from KPIX, and here are a few paragraphs:

    Barbara Rodgers estimates that she’s done at least 8,000 interviews during her 36 years in broadcasting. Most of those for CBS 5 (KPIX-TV), the station that has been her home away from home since 1979. Now Rodgers has decided to take a break. 
    “After almost 29 years at CBS 5, I had been thinking about when I might hang up my reporter’s notebook and microphone. So I decided that the right time is now, while I still have the enthusiasm to pursue some of my other interests,” said Rodgers. … 
    “It has been my great privilege to work with Barbara for the past eight years. She is an exceptional broadcast journalist — a terrific reporter and a wonderful news anchor who remains clear and cool even under pressure of major breaking news. We will miss her skills, her insight, her empathy and her wonderful laugh in our newsroom,” said Dan Rosenheim, vice president and news director of CBS 5. 
    “Besides being a cherished friend, Barbara’s unstoppable curiosity, deep empathy, sharp writing, and good cheer make her the kind of reporter you love to work with. Somehow the world seems a little less confusing when Barbara is covering the news,” said Craig Franklin, senior producer, news special projects. 
    “As an accomplished journalist, Barbara Rodgers brings unbridled passion and professionalism to her job. The numerous awards she’s received over the years speak volumes about the high quality of her work. As my friend, Barbara is priceless,” said Lena Sullivan, “Bay Sunday” producer and executive producer of “Eye on the Bay.” 
    Barbara Rodgers has been with CBS 5 Eyewitness News since 1979. She co-anchors “CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon” with Juliette Goodrich — her second time around on the noon news. Prior to this, Rodgers anchored the weekend newscasts from 1987 to 2000. In 2001, Rodgers returned as the host of “Bay Sunday,” CBS 5’s weekly public affairs program. She helped create the show in 1989 and was its host for seven years before taking a hiatus. “Bay Sunday” is an eclectic mix of news, arts and community information all tossed up in lively conversation. 
    Prior to this, she anchored “Eyewitness News at Noon” from 1984 to 1987. In 1985, Rodgers was awarded the prestigious William Benton Fellowship in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Chicago. 
    During her six-month leave of absence to participate in the fellowship program, she took courses in such diverse subjects as international relations, poetry writing and Meso-American pre-history. 
    “It was,” says Rodgers, “one of the most exciting and intellectually stimulating experiences of my life.” … Rodgers loves traveling and is off to somewhere every chance she gets. She has been to countries on five different continents. 
    When asked what she’ll be doing now, Rodgers said she wasn’t sure about the long term, but she has a definite short term goal. 
    “I want to clear out all the clutter in my garage and spare room at home — stuff that has been piling up for all these years when I’ve spent more time at the office than I did at home. That could take six months or more! After that, I’ll start to explore some of my other loves like travel, food and my new computer; and I’m excited about finally getting to spend more time visiting with family and friends both in and outside the Bay Area.” 
    And what will she miss most about this job that has been a part of her life for so long? 
    “Meeting a multitude of new and fascinating people. I am a person who still has so much curiosity about everything and this job let me indulge that and be as nosey as I wanted to be. I’ll also miss being in the middle of the action when there’s a big story and I’ll especially miss getting to be a part of this year’s Presidential election night when history might be made. But I’ll be watching from home and doing a critique.”

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