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Wildfire traps photographer, intern

The Santa Cruz Sentinel reports that photographer Dan Coyro, intern Lisa Hirschmann and a strike team of firefighters were trapped yesterday during a wildfire in the Santa Cruz County town of Bonny Doon.

Coyro, a 29-year veteran of the Sentinel, was with homeowner Doug Stewart who was watering down his house with a hose when the fire raced up to them.

“The fire was getting ready to sweep over the house and we were getting ready to jump in the pool,” Coyro said.

Coyro said the head firefighter said “jump in pool or run in the house if it heats up.” Firefighters were able to clear an area around the driveway allowing Coyro and Hirschmann to escape.

“It was … nuts,” Coyro said. “It’s the most wild one I’ve ever seen.”

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