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Ex's Pimentel now an 'executive producer'

San Francisco Examiner Executive Editor James Pimentel (pictured) has been put in charge of the Web sites for the Examiner editions here and in Washington and Baltimore.

While remaining as executive editor he will gain the additional title of executive producer.

“As the executive producer of the three sites, Pimentel will manage them and help build them into leading destinations on the Web for local and national breaking news,” an announcement from the Examiner said.

Pimentel has been at The Examiner for seven years, working as the sports editor and managing editor before moving to the executive editor position in 2006. Before moving to The Examiner, Pimentel worked at the Oakland Tribune for more than 12 years and at the San Francisco-based Internet company Quokka Sports for five years. At Quokka, Pimentel was the senior producer for several sites, including Golf.com.

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