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Reporter claims harassment over sick time

Reporter Traci Grant is suing KNTV NBC11 and NBC Universal, saying she was harassed over her use of sick time, according to a report by the online newspaper the San Francisco Sentinel. Grant, who has worked as a television reporter for 15 years and since 2002 at Channel 11, said that last year her bosses handed her a notice saying her contract would not be renewed for 2008 following two epileptic seizures Grant suffered between July and October 2007.

Grant is taking medication for the condition and took sick-time and vacation time to adjust her medication, the lawsuit states.

KNTV Assistant News Director Mark Neerman and KNTV Human Resources Manager Judy Betro met with Grant on October 24, 2007, allegedly telling Grant, “you have been sick and because you have had to take a number of sick days, we find you unreliable to do this job.”

Grant was assigned to another job at 50 percent pay reduction, the suit states.

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