Kevin G. Keane, vp of news for Bay Area News Group – East Bay, has released the following list of employees who were laid off as a result of budget cuts at his MediaNews Group papers. In that e-mail he wrote:

    “Instead of relying on job performance, we eliminated positions that we felt we could no longer afford in this economic environment or in those areas where we felt the work could be absorbed by others. We took a hard look at areas where there was overlap or job redundancies. We also felt it was important to preserve full-time positions over part-time where we could.

    “We didn’t want to get into a situation where employees were “bumped” on or off the list based on seniority or other factors, so any job that was eliminated impacted the person holding that job.

    “In two cases we allowed substitutes to the layoff list after people stepped forward – Erik Nelson, regional transportation writer based in Oakport, asked to take the place of commuter writer Kelli Phillips, and photographer Gina Halferty in Tracy asked to take the place of photographer Doug Duran.”

Others laid off:
Francine Brevetti – Tribune reporter
Todd Brown – Fremont reporter
Lynn Carey – Features writer
Scott Campbell – Prep sports
Dave DelGrande – Sports columnist
Anthony Flores – Clerk
Gilbert Garlitos – Graphics
Steve Geissinger – Sacramento bureau
Eric Gilmore – sports columnist
Barbara Grady – Tribune reporter
Barbara Hernandez – business reporter
Gary Hoiby – copy desk
John Horgan –San Mateo columnist
Joanna Jhanda – Hayward photographer
Johnna Laird – Copy desk
Geoff Lepper – Sports writer
Mike McGreehan – Prep sports
John Pereira – Copy desk
Dino Ramos – Features writer
Rebecca Rosen Lum – Regional reporter
Tim Simmers – San Mateo business
Martin Snapp – Berkeley reporter
Bill Soliday – Sports writer
Sara Steffens* – Regional reporter
Robert Taylor – Features writer
Charlie Tonelli – Copy desk
Gregory Urquiaga – Richmond photograher
Sue Young – Features writer

Nick Boer – Food editor
Aaron Crowe – Assistant city editor, Walnut Creek
Michelle Fitzhugh-Craig – Assistant city editor, Tribune
Rob Gagnon – Assistant features editor
Alan Greth – MediaNews wire
Rob Lindquist – Technology coordinator
Lucinda Ryan – Breaking news editor
Tom Tuttle – Assistant editorial page editor

Among those laid off was nine-year reporter Sara Steffens who is chair of the Guild unit at the CC Times and one of the employees who led the unionization movement. E&P quotes Steffens as saying she may take formal action against the paper, but would not elaborate: “The guild is definitely interested in continuing to pursue this.”

While Keane has released names for the East Bay papers, the company has not disclosed who has been laid off at the Mercury News. The following have been let go at these MediaNews papers which are not part of the East Bay group.

Palo Alto Daily News
Youming Cate – production
Louise Herndon – proofreader
Tad Cronn – copy editor
Tim Willis – copy desk chief
Janet Duca Norton – society writer

Santa Cruz Sentinel
Chris Watson – librarian and book reviewer
Martin Weisberg – copy editor

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  1. These are good people. It’s sad that such an evil empire is letting these people go. When will it ever end??

  2. This won’t be the end. The MediaNews debt load is horrific. And the cash flow is less than fabulous. Oh, and look for the Chronicle to lay off another batch of professionals as well. It’s a bloodbath out there.

  3. Read over the “OneBigBANG” website, note the public testimonials in FAVOR of a union, and see how many of those names ended up among last week’s layoffs.
    Compare that to the 13 BANG-East Bay staffers who offered testimonials AGAINST the union on the ant-Guild “WhyUnionFree” website. Note that NONE of the 13 are on the layoff list.
    Coincidence? You decide.

  4. Wow. Looking over this list one common theme jumps out at me. Most of those let go had been with the company (either CCT or ANG) many, many years. I’d say this was more of a “salary purge” than it was an attack at union sympathizers. I could be wrong about that, though.

    Anybody still working at MediaNews and making a decent salary should polish up that resume. There WILL be more layoffs before the year is over.

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