Contract negotiations between newsroom employees and management at Univision KDTV Channel 14 are intensifying, the Chronicle reports today in a story that looks at wages in Hispanic broadcast media.

The story said that while Channel 14 has more viewers in the 25-54 demo at 6 p.m. than every Bay Area station except KGO Channel 7, KDTV reporters and producers earn roughly one-fourth less in base pay than their competitors at English-language stations. Ratings haven’t translated into ad dollars for Spanish stations, however.

“While major market TV journalists aren’t holding up will-report-for-food signs, base pay for many Spanish-language TV journalists (about $70,000) can be around one-fourth less than their English-language counterparts in town,” the Chronicle reports.

Seen here is Channel 14 anchor Maria Leticia Gomez in a 2007 Chronicle photo by Liz Hafalia.

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  1. Univision 14 does an excellent job covering the news, often with more insight and more in-depth stories than you’ll see on the English language stations. The problem is that Spanish media doesn’t attract the advertising dollars that it should. Media buyers think Spanish speakers are poor immigrants. And the station doesn’t market itself as well as the network stations in terms of offering advertisers demographic research. Newsroom wages won’t change until this problem with advertising is solved.

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