The Santa Rosa Press Democrat, owned by The New York Times Co., is laying off 5 percent of its 350-person work force due to reduced advertising by real estate companies, home builders and car dealers.

Four newsroom employees were laid off, including one reporter and three editorial assistants, with other cuts coming in the advertising and production departments.

Publisher Bruce Kyse said Web site advertising has increased significantly, but not enough to offset declines in other areas. The paper has been posting its stories online since 1998.

Since 2003, The Press Democrat said it has reduced its staff by about 30 percent. Last summer, the newspaper cut about 8 percent of its work force, mostly through buyouts. The newsroom now has 78 people, down about 30 percent from its high in 2004.

The paper will be looking at reducing the number of pages, and perhaps combining sections to save newsprint.

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  1. it’s sad to see this happening to such a solid, well written newspaper … i guess i could care less when the chronicle lays people off because it was a pretty bad paper to start with … but the PD is my hometown paper and it does a good job covering news here … cuts like these are alarming …

  2. I know it’s hard to cover a paper 60 miles away, but the PD has already combined sections — much like the Chron. Perhaps you should pick up a copy one of these days.

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