No Name is no more. Alice FM 97.3 has fired co-host Mike “No Name” Nelson in an effort to connect better with its target demographic: women ages 25 to 44. On Monday, longtime co-host Sarah Clark said she would be working with Gretchen Lancour until the station finds a replacement for No Name. The Contra Costa Times’ Tony Hicks reports that the parting with No Name (pictured here) was amicable, but the CBS station wanted to go in a “different direction.” Also gone is morning producer Matt Staudt. He was replaced by Jan Landis. Alice is now looking for a co-host to replace No Name. Here are the details.

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  1. The station THINKS they know what their demographic wants, but they’re actually out of touch with their listeners. Both No Name and Matty added a much needed male POV to the morning show. Turning the show into a purely chick-oriented radio version of “The View” is not the answer.

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