“The already thin ranks of minority journalists are being culled by layoffs and employee buyouts as news operations around the country shrink to accommodate a drop in advertising revenue,” the Chicago Tribune reports in a story about this coming weekend’s convention of Unity, an alliance of professional groups representing black, Hispanic, Asian and Native American journalists. KTVU Channel 2 South Bay Bureau Chief Lloyd LaCuesta, founding president of Unity, says the group will discuss how to “make sure the gains journalists of color have made over 20 years don’t erode.”

    It won’t be easy, he notes, because at many newspapers seniority plays a role in deciding who is let go. For those just starting out, LaCuesta suggests they do a serious self-assessment to see if they truly have the passion for the job. If they do, he believes minority journalists will be able to find work.

    “The jobs are still there. We’re going through a readjustment and a shakeout. Maybe I’m whistling past the graveyard, but I don’t believe newspapers and broadcast are going to die.”

(Photo credit: KTVU Web site)

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