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Parents of autistic kids to protest Savage

The parents of autistic children are planning to protest Michael Savage in San Francisco today (July 27) and they say seven national advertisers have yanked their ads from his show after he said autistic kids are “brats” who need nothing more than a good talking-to.

“We are going after each and every advertiser that hasn’t dropped him yet,” Evelyn Ain, president of Autism United, told the New York Daily News following a protest on Wall Street Friday.

Autism United identified the seven advertisers are Home Depot, Sears, Budweiser, Direct Buy, Cisco, RadioShack and Aflac.

His “Savage Nation” show has also been dropped by WINA-AM Charlottesville, Va.; WHK-AM Cleveland, and a group of seven stations in Mississippi.

Protesters plan to converge at noon today outside Savage’s flagship station, KNEW-AM 910, at 340 Townsend St. (above).

Savage, a Marin County resident, probably won’t see them since he doesn’t broadcast on Sundays. When he does his show, it’s often from a studio at an undisclosed location.

The picture of Savage at left was taken by the New York Times on the condition that the paper not “reveal the location of the waterside house where he was broadcasting that day, or of two other homes where he has studios and which he treats as virtual safe houses” due to death threats Savage said he has received over the years. In that Dec. 17 story, Savage was quoted as saying he carries a pistol to protect himself.

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