San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly (right), who leads the progressive wing of that city’s politics, posted on his blog an e-mail he said he got from Chronicle columnist C.W. Nevius (left):

    From: Nevius, CW
    Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2008 11:58:12 -0700
    To: Chris Daly
    Subject: cwn

    Hi Chris,
    Just a heads up. I am going to ding you for the zoo hearing yesterday. It didn’t look good to limit the public comment, nor to cut off the first speaker. I understand that you were trying to get to your afternoon session about black flight from the city, but even some of those who spoke said they’d had enough hearings, they wanted some action. While that is an important topic, so is the zoo and disappointed to see you didn’t give it a full hearing, even though it has been discussed before.

    Will also mention your call to get Mark Sanchez out of the race. With Sierra Club and Mark Leno endorsements, it seems to me his support is not as feeble as you suggested.

    I am sending you this as an effort at responsible journalism. Ethically, you should always give a subject a chance to state his side. I wish you’d done the same before writing that I was a liar.


Here’s what Daly said he e-mailed back to Nevius:

    From: Chris Daly
    Sent: Friday, August 08, 2008 12:26 PM
    To: Nevius, CW
    Subject: Re: cwn

    Responsible journalism? Go sell crazy somewhere else.

And here is Nevius’s column, headlined, “Zoo hearing brings out the predator in Daly.”

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  1. I’ve exchanged emails with CW through the years on a variety of subjects, and I’ve always found CW to be thoughtful and intelligent. As far as Daly, I agree with Amanda Wong, a junior at Lowell High, was quoted in the CW piece”I thought he was pretty rude,” she said. “I wondered who put him in office.”

  2. Having had the chance to know CW for a long time, I can say I may not always agree with his views but he is also honest and has the facts. It’s sad what a screwed up place the the SF Board of Sups is. People wonder why everyone laughs at SF, yet another reason they all do..

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