Radio critic Brad Kava, writing in the SF Weekly, says that Live 105 morning man Jeff “Woody” Fife (right) has been hammering rival morning host Sarah Clark (left) of Alice FM 97.3 by making fun of her show and broadcasting her salary. Fife claims it’s $1.2 million a year.

Both stations are owned by CBS and they broadcast from studios in the KPIX building at Battery and Broadway. Fife told Kava that he got reamed out by management for talking about Clark’s salary. “I don’t say I need to make that, but I hate when they fight me over another $25,000,” he said.

Kava notes that among listeners 18 to 35, Live 105 is fourth while Alice is 12th. (Photo credits: left, KGO ABC7; right, Chronicle file)

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  1. Clearly “The Woody Show” isn’t good enough for this market. After all, it’s been on for almost 3 years now, getting strong ratings, and has managed to be the ONLY show that replaced the Howard Stern show to survive.

    Despite all your hate for this show, everyone sure seems to know enough about it. They must be doing something right.

  2. That Woody show is SO TERRIBLE! I have no clue how they got hired in this market. Not only are they not good enough for a top ten, they don’t fit in here. They are so not “Bay Area”… and even if they were a good fit for the Bay, they still suck really bad. Live 105 needs to stick with a proven show. They should get Adam Carolla. And that Ravey with her tettible delivery when she reads the “Live 105 Music and Entertainment report”! They should just grab a kid from any Bay community college; they’d do so much better.

  3. It is sad that news is falling apart and some moron on commerical radio is paid six figures, let alone these sums. Who with a triple digit IQ listens to either station?

  4. Fife’s discussion of a fellow CBS employee’s salary on air strikes me as classless. If Sarah does make $1.2 million, more power to her, although I dobut that her salary is that high.

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