MediaNews Group chief executive Dean Singleton, a major Bush fundraiser, now wants to make a good impression at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, where his newspaper empire is headquartered.

And money doesn’t seem to be an object.

At least that’s the opinion of LAObserved.

    “The Denver Post [is] sponsoring a media party Saturday night at Elitch Gardens, a big Denver theme park. Denver’s other paper, the Rocky Mountain News, is also a sponsor, but Singleton seems especially interested in the shindig. Actually, there had been some talk that he threatened to pull out of the event when some organizers proposed a cattle-drive parade to kick off the convention (Singleton wants the world to know that Denver is not some cow town). Anyway, Robert Sweeney, publisher of The Villager, a weekly, said Singleton told him that it would cost $1.5 million to host the event. In his weekly column (no link), Sweeney didn’t offer details on where the money was coming from, but considering the financial woes that MediaNews faces it’s bound to be noticed within the Singleton newsrooms.
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  1. The laid-off staffers at the Merc and BANG-EB could probably tell you where some of the $1.5 million for the Singleton shindig is coming from.

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