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Chronicle: Josh Wolf is a real journalist

[Full disclosure: The Press Club’s webmaster is Dave Price, an owner of the Daily Post.]

When he went to prison for refusing to give law enforcement a videotape he made of a San Francisco political protest, journalists debated whether Josh Wolf was really a journalist.

While Wolf was sitting in a federal prison, the Chronicle appeared to be more concerned about the fate of two of its reporters who might have to go to jail for refusing to say who gave them a grand jury transcript in the Barry Bonds case. It turned out that they never spent a day in jail. But Wolf, now 26, spent 226 days behind bars at a federal prison.

The mainstream media mostly ignored Josh Wolf. Some argued that since he had professed anarchist political beliefs, he couldn’t fairly report on a protest that included anarchists. When the Press Club began counting up the days Wolf was spending behind bars, it received e-mails from journalists criticizing that decision.

But Wolf’s views didn’t stop KRON4 and KTVU Channel 2 from paying him for portions of his video.

Now that he’s out of prison and has landed a job at the Palo Alto Daily Post, the Chronicle has decided Wolf is a journalist. Here are a few paragraphs from the story:

(Photo credit: (Kim Komenich, The Chronicle

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