Add the Daily Californian to the list of newspapers that have dropped editions due to a downturn in advertising. The Daily Cal, a 137-year-old student-run newspaper independent of the UC Berkeley administration, says it no longer print on Wednesdays. It also plans to scale back its staff and reduce compensation, though it gave no specifics.

The Daily Cal also said it will beef up its online offerings, a statement frequently made by newspapers when they cut print editions.

In March, Berkeley lost the East Bay Daily News and in April the Berkeley Daily Planet went from two editions a week to just one.

Bryan Thomas, editor-in-chief and president of the Daily Cal, wrote:

    Our primary mission has always been to train the next generation of superior journalists and media industry professionals-a mission which we excel at fulfilling. In doing so we have provided UC Berkeley and the city of Berkeley with a distinguished source of information free of charge.

    This year we mark 137 years of publication and 37 years of independence from the university, making us one of the nation’s oldest college newspapers, and one of the few that is truly independent. Our staff takes seriously the legacy we are protecting, and we understand that we must make changes to prosper into the future.

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