With its daily newspapers sliding in terms of ads and circulation, MediaNews Group is focusing its attention on niche publications — focused on topics such as autos, real estate, restaurants and golf — which can be highly profitable. The trade publication Newspapers & Technology quotes Peter Vandevanter, MNG vice president of targeted products, as saying the company wants to become the “iPod of newspapers,” offering targeted daily products to readers with all of the content they want and nothing they don’t.

    “MNG is so keen on the idea of targeted newspapers that the publisher coined the term ‘individuated newspapers’ to describe the concept and distinguish it as going beyond targeted products currently available.”
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  1. As a resident of Oakland and reader of the Tribune, I wish MNG would target the Tribune for its hometown audience. What we’re getting now are many ads clearly sold for a Mercury News audience, features written for readers in Walnut Creek, San Mateo and Livermore, and editorials that refer to stories published in “the Times.” When many of us Oaklanders think of the Times, we think of the New York or Los Angeles Times, not that enclave for the rich on the other side of the hills.

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