P. Scott McKibben (pictured), former publisher of the ANG newspapers and the Examiner, has been named as executive vp and chief revenue officer of the LA Times. McKibben’s appointment was the first major move by new Publisher Eddy Hartenstein, the former DirecTV executive who is attempting to turn around the struggling Southern California newspaper.

McKibben was publisher of the Examiner when the Fang family sold the free daily to billionaire oilman Phil Anschutz in 2004 for $10.7 million. He negotiated the sale on behalf of the Fangs and stayed on as publisher under Anschutz. Then McKibbin sued the Fangs, saying they owe him a $1.2 million commission for brokering the Examiner sale. The Fangs countersued, alleging that McKibben turned away potential buyers so that Anschutz could buy the paper at a discounted price. The case was settled out of court and McKibben stepped down in August 2005. Since November 2006, he had been publisher of the Colorado Springs Gazette.

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