“With his sobbing family looking on in a San Francisco courtroom, former KGO radio host Bernie Ward today completed his tumble from one of the Bay Area’s most popular liberal voices on the local airwaves to a pariah caught up in the world of online child pornography,” writes Howard Mintz of the Mercury News. “Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker sentenced Ward to seven years and three months in federal prison, calling the disgraced celebrity a “troubled individual” whose downfall is a “personal tragedy.” Ward now must turn himself in to U.S. Marshals by noon Friday to begin his prison term.”

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  1. The Lion of the Left turns out to be a sea lion.

    Let’s not forget about Bernie’s business partner in sports memorabilia who “jumped in the Bay” to his death upon getting caught in major fraud. Bernie survived that unscathed. He was married but not living at home during his child porn period of his life.


  2. Bernie’s show was awful, but I’m sure nobody at KGO cared because it’s not exactly prime-time for radio (10 pm to 1 am). It’s incredible to think, however, that Micky Luckoff and Jack Swanson seriously entertained the idea of bringing Bernie back after his arrest.

  3. I never liked Bernie, he was too self-absorbed, he tried too hard to be an important host, if only someone had liked him enought to stop him from the spiral downward. I’m surprised to hear he was married while all this was going on, his actions seem so very much the result of feeling rejection and lonely because of the weight. Thank you KGO for bring Jim Gabbert back, Korel should be the next one to go.

  4. Bernie’s show was terrible. Basically it was about how he hated Bush. I don’t like Bush either, but after one show, you’ve done more of your material and it’s time to move on to something else. The problem was that he didn’t have much else to say. And at that hour, the callers aren’t very good. So there wasn’t much worth hearing on KGO from 10 to 1. KGO’s bench of fill-in hosts aren’t that impressive either. Rothmann’s knowledgeable but dull, Dr. Bill has some interesting scientific insights but is a right-wing shill, Karel is completely uninformed and an insult to the gay community … KGO has a strong line-up during daytime hours (Ronn, Len, Dr. Dean, Gil, etc.), but after Gene Burns signs off, there’s nothing to listen to.

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