Later today (Aug. 28), Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker is scheduled to sentence former KGO-AM host Bernie Ward on child pornography charges. Prosecutors want nine years in prison while his attorney will argue for five. Last night, KGO-TV’s Dan Noyes reports that back in 2005, Ward confessed to Michael Pritchard (left), former comedian now a child advocate, at the ABC Broadcast Center at 900 Front St.

Noyes reports:

    Bernie Ward has just wrapped up his Sunday morning program, “God Talk,” when he runs into an old friend outside the studio.

    “Bernie walked out and just fell into my arms crying and said that his house had been raided by the FBI and that he was devastated,” said Pritchard.

    Pritchard was stunned when Ward explained why he was in trouble, because of what he had done on the Internet.

    Michael Pritchard: “That he’s, you know, viewed some stuff, and I knew immediately what that meant because there’s nothing on the Internet other than that that’s going to cause the Federal Bureau of Investigation to actually come to your home.”

    Dan Noyes: “Did he actually say child porn?”

    Michael Pritchard: “Yes.”

    Dan Noyes: “And you asked him for how long?”

    Michael Pritchard: “For a year.”

    Dan Noyes: “And he said for a year?”

    Michael Pritchard: “He said for a year.”

    Ward’s case got rolling after he e-mailed an image of child porn to a woman from the Central Valley town of Oakdale. She called police who brought in the FBI, and three months later, agents raided Ward’s home. Three days after that, Ward confessed to Pritchard.

    “And I still love him and I want the best for him and hope that he would redeem himself, but at the same time, I have spent my entire life protecting children,” said Pritchard.

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