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'Backroads' on hiatus, McConnell talking to KQED

The Chron reports that money-strapped KRON has put “Bay Area Backroads” on “production hiatus” and that the program’s staff has thrown “type of wrap party you’d expect when a show is off the air for good.”

KRON will continue to air “Backroads” reruns and a few in-the-can episodes. “Backroads” lost its Nissan sponsorship in June.

But host Doug McConnell, 63, and a business partner have been talking to KQED, which has been expanding its locally produced programming.

“I really think there’s a lot of legs left in this stuff, and a lot of stories I still want to tell,” McConnell tells the Chron’s Peter Hartlaub. “Every time you go out and do a story, you find five or six more. The list gets longer, not shorter.”

Meanwhile, McConnell has put some of his clips on his OpenRoad.TV Web site.

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