The Press Club is getting reports that there has been another round of layoffs in the Bay Area newspaper industry, but this time they’re not being announced publicly. Apparently some of those being shown the door are management types. If you have any information, e-mail us at

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  1. And let me guess, Fox News is the only “balanced” media source out there? Please.

    The decline of newspapers has absolutely nothing to do with right-wingers retreating into their own echo chamber. It has everything to do with an economy that is in the toilet and consumers being able to get news and opinion instantaneously online. If the people running newspapers ever figure out a way to adequately monetize their content online, they’ll rebound.

  2. Until neewspapers and their reportters start to report ACTUAL news and stop INVENTING news, they will all die.

    Media bias has become out of control. It is ok to opine or write an opinion piece but to assasinate people and political candidates have become the norm.

    BSMNC for example has become trash. CNN too. on and on, it goes.

    Local news are sad. Talking heads are being told what to say. Reporters have become puppets for their owners in order to keep their jobs.

    Instead of being fair and balanced, news has become trash news depending on who get the checks.

    Very sad.

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