The Daily Post in Palo Alto reports that it has fired one of its deliverymen who was detained by police in San Mateo, allegedly with newspapers taken from the racks of various periodicals. The following is from a Post story printed today (Tuesday) by staff writer Richard Cole:

    State law makes taking more than 25 papers from a free newspaper rack a crime, and it was not clear how many papers former employee Erik Olarte had in his delivery truck.

    Other newspaper delivery staff spotted Olarte about 5 p.m. on El Camino Real near 41st Avenue. They allegedly saw him remove newspapers and called San Mateo police. The police detained Olarte briefly and examined the contents of his truck.

    “Nobody was arrested or cited,” said San Mateo police spokesman Lt. Mike Brunicardi, who would not confirm that Olarte was the person detained in the incident. He said police would send a report to the district attorney’s office to determine if any charges should be filed.

    Daily Post owner and Editor Dave Price said Olarte was fired as soon as the newspaper learned of the incident.

    “That is not the way we do business,” said Price. “We absolutely did not tell him to do that, and all our delivery people have now been told verbally and in writing that we don’t do business that way.”

FULL DISCLOSURE: Price is the vice president of the Press Club and its Web master.

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  1. Theft of newspapers is a growing problem that all free publications face because recycling centers are paying much more for newsprint than in the past. The going rate is around 8 cents a pound, which might make recycling newsprint more profitable than distributing it.

  2. it’s hard to believe price didn’t have something to do with this … he’s way too aggressive, a Type A obsessive nutcase who watches everything at his newspapers.

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