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Singleton's partner writes a letter to the editor

At a lot of newspapers, if the owner wants to give the readers his opinion, he can simply write an editorial or a column.

Apparently things are done a little differently at MediaNews Group. The Los Angeles Daily News on Tuesday ran a letter to the editor from the company’s 95-year-old chairman and co-owner Richard Scudder (pictured). Dean Singleton is frequently identified as the head of MediaNews Group, but Scudder is actually the chairman of the board. Singleton, 57, serves as vice chairman and chief executive officer.

Here’s Scudder’s letter, which was headlined “Patriotic ideals”:

After Scudder’s name, there was a note identifying him as the chairman of the board of MediaNews Group, the paper’s parent company.

When it comes to politics, Scudder and Singleton are on opposite ends of the spectrum: Singleton was a supporter of President Bush while Scudder donates to Democrats.

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