Former KNTV NBC11 general manager Linda Sullivan, who has headed KNBC-TV Los Angeles for the past 16 months, announced her retirement Wednesday after 32 years in broadcasting, the LA Times reports. She has run stations in Boston, Providence, R.I. Washington, D.C., and NBC11. During her years in the Bay Area, Sullivan oversaw the relocation of Channel 11 from 645 Park Ave. in San Jose to its all-digital home at 2450 N First St. in San Jose. She also was responsible for moving its transmitter from Mt. Loma Prieta to San Bruno Mountain in order to reach more viewers. Her move to LA was apparently a step up. She told the LA Times: “When I first came to KNBC, someone from one of the employee groups told me that ‘the worst day here is still better than the best day anyplace else.'” Sullivan plans to return to Boston, where her husband, Charles, lives. The LA Times says that she leaves at a time when the economic slowdown has battered TV stations, which depend on local auto and retail advertising.

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