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All News KCBS 740 available on FM HD

At the top of every hour, All News 740 identifies itself as “KCBS and KCBS-HD,” but never promotes its HD signal beyond that. No frequency is given for KCBS-HD or information about how a listener can find the HD signal.

Turns out that the all-news station is being transmitted by its sister station, KFRC-FM 106.9, as one of its HD signals, 106.9-2.

The range of KCBS 106.9-2 isn’t as great as 50,000-watt, clear channel KCBS 740. But where KCBS-HD can be heard, the sound is as crisp and clear as KQED-FM. Of course the problem is that you need an HD radio receiver, and sales have been slower than expected.

A trivia note — the call letters KFRC, which were first used in the San Francisco market in 1924, stand for “Known For Radio Clearness.”

BTW, KFRC morning man Dave Sholin (pictured) is now doing a music segment for KCBS All News 740 on the weekends where he plays a few seconds of the top song on several charts, Country, Top 40, Christian Rock, etc.

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